Your Cajun Rollergirls are collecting pledges for our upcoming Skate-a-Thon fundraiser! This means that your generous pledges translate to laps skated by a CRG skater during our June 27 closed practice event.

Each CRG skater is looking for sponsors to donate on either a per-lap basis (anywhere from $0.05 and up per lap, with a $25 cap), or you could simply donate any flat amount. For example, if you pledge $.10 per lap to your favorite skater, and that skater makes 200 laps at the practice, your donation would be $20. The skaters will collect your pledged donations in the following days.

This year, your Cajun Rollergirls skaters will be competing against each other in teams of three. The teams earning the most donations will win prizes!

Funds raised from this event will go to help cover our travel expenses, venue rental and other costs to keep your Cajun Rollergirls moving forward!

If you’d like to donate, please contact your favorite CRG skater and let them know ASAP! Thanks for your support!