Are you interested in joining the Cajun Rollergirls and taking part in women’s flat track roller derby – the fastest growing sport in the world?

The best way to join is to talk to one of our league members. They can tell you whatever you need to know about the league, how we operate and how you can be a part of the Cajun Rollergirls!

If you’re serious about wanting to join the Cajun Rollergirls, we invite you to attend one of our games to take in the derby experience! Beware, though – you’ll probably like it.


Anyone age 18 and over can participate with Cajun Rollergirls.

Now, you’re probably thinking, “Anyone?! Hey! I’m not a lady. You sure you mean ‘anyone?’” Yes, we mean ANYYONE! The Cajun Rollergirls are ALWAYS searching for players, officials, coaches and volunteers.

We just have a few requirements for our on-track league skaters:

-You must be female
-You must be at least 18
-You must be able to maintain a good attendance record
-You must supply your own gear (quad skates, helmet, elbow and knee pads, mouth guard)
-You must be able to pay leagues dues each month
-You must be a team player

and best of all… you must be tough as nails!

If men want to skate, they can participate as referees, as can women. This means you are welcome to practice with us.

Those men and women who want to participate, but may not want to skate, can also join the league as non-skating officials and volunteers. Volunteers (on or off skates) are always needed, and we welcome anyone who wants derby to be a part of their life. We need people for game set-up crews, cheerleaders, announcers, entertainment, graphic designers, artists, mascots, photographers, medical professionals, score keepers and behind-the-scenes crew.

ALL participants must be willing to give and receive constructive criticism. This is how we improve performance!

Joining: We are currently having open enrollment to build a strong league foundation. After we reach our goal, tryouts will be held every three months.

Not sure if roller derby’s for you? Just come by and watch.If you would like more information or to attend a CRG practice, please e-mail our Recruitment Committee at to set up a visit and to let us know to expect you.

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