Damage to Friends of Fireman’s Skate Park in Houma

CRG Nation, we have to say that we’re very disappointed to see that someone or some group of people has chosen to disrespect the Friends of Fireman’s Park – Skate and Bike Park in Houma, La by vandalizing the park with obscene language spray painted on the building and damaging park equipment.

We are big fans of the park because it not only promotes skating (something for which we obviously have a love), but it also can be a positive gathering place in our community.

Park officials have said the park will be closed until whoever is responsible for these actions is reported or identified. We hope that someone with knowledge will come forward so that the park can be open to the public again, and that people can have respect for property that is shared by all in our community.

If anyone has any information regarding this damage at the skate park, please contact the Houma Police Department at 985-873-6371.