#1105 Scarlet O’ Hitter

#1105 Scarlet O' Hitter

#1105 Scarlet O’ Hitter

When did you join Cajun Rollergirls?
January 2012.

What is your day job?
Real estate maintenance worker, barmaid, and student.

How did you get involved with roller derby?
Heard about it from an English 101 teacher.

Please explain the inspiration and story behind your derby name and number.
I got the idea from Gone with the Wind. And my number is my husband’s Firefighter number.

What is your favorite (derby) position?

What is your skate gear of choice?
187 Killer pads.

Do you have any pre-bout rituals?

Do you have an inner theme song?
Bad company the five finger death punch version.

Please share your best derby moment (or moments).
Finding my derby wives.

Who are your derby heroes?
Green Dragon and Jack E Ripher.

What goes through your brain as you lace up your skates?
Skate time!

Do you have a signature move?
Flying squirrel! Not really, illegal do not attempt.

How would you describe your derby playing style?
Loud and in your face.

What is your pre-derby sports/skating background?
Softball, dancing, and track.

Did you play roller derby prior to joining CRG?

Did your background make you a natural fit in assisting with your training?
I had strong legs but derby made them stronger.

What are some of your greatest roller derby accomplishments on the track?
30 in 5 and anytime i get to play with the amazing ladies I do.

How has your involvement in roller derby affected the way you live the rest of your life?
I work and go to school so by the end of the day I push myself to get to practice because I love it.

How do you find a balance between your derby life and your “real” life?
Because practice is at night I don’t miss family time, but work somewhat causes conflicts.

Where would you like to see roller derby in another 10 years?
Professional levels.

Any advice for girls who want to join roller derby?
Try it you’ll love it!

Anyone you’d like to take the opportunity to thank?
My husband and derby family!

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