#2882 Green Dragon

#2882 Green Dragon


When did you join Cajun Rollergirls?
March/Apirl 2010.

What is your day job?

How did you get involved with roller derby?
Met a few girls (CRG members) at the rink while at a birthday party

Please explain the inspiration and story behind your derby name and number.
Green is one of my favorite colors. I chose dragon cause they are a force to be reckoned with and my number is my D.O.B.

What is your favorite (derby) position?

What is your skate gear of choice?
Bont skates, berzerk wheels, moto bearings, 187 knee pads, and triple 8 elbow pads and wrist guards.

Do you have any pre-bout rituals?
At home bouts, I go feed the turtles and ducks.

Please share your best derby moment (or moments).
Playing in the first bout that CRG ever won.

Do you have a motivational quote?
“Never give up cause as long as you are trying you are winning.”

What goes through your brain as you lace up your skates?
I try to remember that no matter what happens or how hurt I get, I still need to give all I have every time I step on the track.

How would you describe your derby playing style?
Dominate with clean, precise quick cuts with heavy hits.

What is your pre-derby sports/skating background?
I was a rink rat growing up.

Did you play roller derby prior to joining CRG?
Nope! I wasn’t even sure what it was when I agreed to go watch a practice.

Did your background make you a natural fit in assisting with your training?
Being a rink rat gave me the skating skill.

How has your involvement in roller derby affected the way you live the rest of your life?
Derby has allowed me to meet some great people that have become a second family to me.

How do you find a balance between your derby life and your “real” life?
They balance each other out.

Any advice for girls who want to join roller derby?
Don’t give up it may not be easy when u first start but with time it becomes second nature.

Anyone you’d like to take the opportunity to thank?
I would like to thank my parents that support me in ANY AND EVERYTHING I choose to do they are my biggest fans.

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